Sabine Ferruci is the author of several romance novels.

Books:**Chloe's Donor gets 4.5 out of 5 hearts from Romance Studio Review!**   "I would highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a very hot read that will keep them engrossed to the last page."

In Chloe's Donor, prospective single parent Chloe Simon has a problem. The semen sample she received from the fertility clinic did not belong to her selected donor, a sensitive patron of the arts. It belonged to a special operations soldier who only banked his sperm in case he and his mission blew up. Now Dev Gallagher is back, staking a claim on their unborn child. He wants to marry her, enjoy some buried to the hilt sex, and then divorce her after the baby's birth. Her head says no, but her heart and hormones scream an orgasmic yes!  The hormones win.


*Man Trouble  gets 3.25 out of 5 hearts from Night Owl Romance**  

"Man Trouble was an entertaining read."

"Not every single dad is on the make for a new mother, and he took his resistance to new heights. But what he was fighting was himself. And that made this a good read." ---Night Owl Romance

In Man Trouble, Beth Nash-Swenson is a widow and single mother whose two year hibernation is disturbed by friends who coax her out for an evening at a honky tonk. She finds herself being two-stepped around the dance floor by a striking stranger who turns out to be the surly owner of the construction company that botched her bedroom addition. Jack agrees to take care of the repairs personally so that his daughter can play with Beth’s two boys and so he can maneuver the hot widow into some quality horizontal time.

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